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Ramps. The Perfect Solution for both Light- And Heavy-Weight Usage

Milos offers a range of non-slip ramps for both indoor and outdoor use, including Folding and Telescopic mechanisms for easy transport and reduced storage space. We offer tailor-made solutions for our customers on request.

Types of Ramps:


1. Modular Ramps - Ramps for Barrier-Free Usage

  • Simple assembly
  • Width 900mm, 1200mm (35.43", 47.24")
  • Anodized • Anti-slip open surface
  • Lightweight
  • Protective 50 mm rim on sides
  • Loading capacity SWL 400kg (881.68 lbs)
  • Color anodizing on request

2. Telescopic & Folding Ramps

  • Low weight
  • Suitable for wheelchairs and electric scooters
  • Foldable and telescopic mechanism
  • Color anodizing on request

3. Van Ramps

  • Safe solutions for your easy access
  • Gas piston for easy handling and operation
  • Max. load up to 400 kg
  • Maximum length up to 2750 mm , 2 or 3 part versions
  • Swivel adapter as an option
  • Color anodizing on request

4. Industrial Ramps

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Ideal for loading equipment
  • Cost-Effective solution
  • Color anodizing on request

If you want to know more about our range of Ramps, please click here. 

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